Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Airports Prohibit E Cigarettes?

Many people are wondering about electronic cigarettes in airports. Most airports are now smoke free facilities, and do not permit smoking anywhere. Some have designated areas outside the buildings at certain terminals, but these are before you reach security. A TSA blog written by a TSA employee was happy to inform electronic cigarette smokers that they are permitted to carry on their e cigs as well as their accessories. However, he suggests asking permission at the airport as well as on the airplanes if vaping is allowed. Another suggestion is to bring your electronic cigarette paperwork along to show attendants and security officials if they have any questions. Many people are still unaware of what electronic cigarettes
even are. Green smoke provides a card stating that the product is not a cigarette, but an electronic cigarette. Recently, an electronic cigarette user questioned Southwest Airlines about carrying his e cig onto their plane. The representative searched through their restricted items, and found electronic cigarettes are not included on the list. They claimed that they were considered a portable electronic, and they did not see any reason why they should not be approved to carry on. Another user asked a flight attendant if she could smoke her electronic cigarette on the plane. The attendants did not even know what an e cig was. The flight attendant asked the cabin crew, and none of them knew if they were permitted. They did state they would ask at their next monthly meeting, and told the passenger to go into the bathroom because, “what you do in the bathroom is your business”. The passenger proceeded to vape in the bathroom, and the crew actually came in to witness the fact that there is not an odor and minimal vapor. Another user recently contacted 3 airlines, the TSA, and obtained an FAA regulations handbook. The airlines all said the e cig was permitted in carry on bags, but could not state whether they were permitted to be used on planes. The TSA stated that electronic cigarettes are permitted in carry on bags. The FAA handbook did not state anything about electronic cigarette use as being prohibited. Our suggestion, to be on the safe side, is to contact the airport and airline to ensure that you are allowed to carry on your electronic cigarettes.
The following list of 100% smoke free U.S. Airports, as of July 5, 2010, was compiled by the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. The airports on this list are 100% smoke free indoors including passenger terminals, airline clubs, and non-public work areas.
Birmingham International Airport
All enclosed areas of Alaska airports are smokefree
(Mesa) Falcon Field Airport
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport
Grand Canyon National Park Airport
Grand Canyon West Airport
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport
Page Municipal Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Tuscon International Airport
Yuma International Airport
All enclosed areas of Arkansas airports are smokefree
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport
Lake Tahoe Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Long Beach Daugherty Field
Meadows Field Airport
Monterey Peninsula Airport
Oakland International Airport
Ontario International Airport
Oxnard Airport
Palm Springs International Airport
Redding Municipal Airport
Sacramento International Airport
Santa Barbara Airport
Santa Maria Airport
San Diego International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
San Jose International Airport
John Wayne Orange County Airport
Archuleta County Airport
Colorado Springs Municipal Airport
Grand Junction Regional Airport
Montrose Regional Airport
Nucla Regional Airport
Rifle-Garfield County Regional Airport
Telluride Regional Airport
Yampa Valley Regional Airport
Bradley International Airport
Tweed New Haven Airport
Reagan International Airport
Daytona Beach International Airport
Fort Lauderdale International Airport
Jacksonville International Airport
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
Melbourne International Airport
Miami International Airport
Naples Municipal Airport
Orlando International Airport
Palm Beach International Airport
Panama City Bay County International Airport
Pensacola Regional Airport
Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport
Southwest Florida International Airport
St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport
Tallahassee Regional Airport
Tampa International Airport
Dillingham Airfield (Waialua)
Hana Airport
Hilo International Airport
Honolulu International Airport
Kalaeloa Airport
Kalaupapa Airport
Kahului Airport
Kapalua Airport
Kona International Airport
Lanai Airport
Lihue Airport
Molokai Airport
Port Allen Airport
Upolu Airport
Waimea-Kahala Airport
(Cedar Rapids) Eastern Iowa Airport
Des Moines International Airport
Boise International Airport
Coeur d’Alene Regional Airport
Lewiston-Nez Perce Municipal Airport
Central Illinois Regional Airport
Chicago Midway Airport
Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Chicago Rockford International Airport
Decatur Airport
Greater Kankakee Airport
Greater Peoria Regional Airport
Mt. Vernon Airport
Springfield-Branson National Airport
Evansville Regional Airport
Indianapolis International Airport
Wichita Mid-Continent Airport
Blue Grass Airport (Lexington)
Louisville International Airport
Alexandria International Airport
Shreveport Downtown Airport
Shreveport Regional Airport
Barnstable Municipal Airport
(Boston) Logan International Airport
Martha’s Vineyard Municipal Airport
Nantucket Memorial Airport
Provincetown Municipal Airport
Baltimore/Washington International Airport
Bangor International Airport
Portland International Jetport
Bishop International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
(Grand Rapids) Gerald R. Ford International Airport
(Lansing) Capital City Airport
Duluth International Airport
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Rochester International Airport
Kansas City International Airport
Springfield/Branson National Airport
Jackson International Airport
Lincoln Airport
Omaha Eppley Airfield
North Carolina
Raleigh-Durham International Airport
Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
North Dakota
Bismarck Municipal Airport
Minot International Airport
(Las Vegas) McCarran International Airport, NV
Reno-Tahoe International Airport, NV
New York
Albany International Airport
Binghamton Regional Airport
Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Elmira Corning Regional Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
La Guardia Airport
Long Island MacArthur Airport
Tompkins Co. Regional Airport
Greater Rochester International Airport
Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Westchester County Airport
Akron Canton Airport
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Dayton International Airport
Port Columbus International Airport
Eugene Airport
Portland International Airport
Lehigh Valley International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Pittsburgh International Airport
South Carolina
Charleston International Airport
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport
El Paso International Airport
(Houston) William P. Hobby Airport
(Houston) George Bush Intercontinental Airport
San Antonio International Airport
Nashville International Airport
Norfolk International Airport
Burlington International Airport
Seattle Tacoma International Airport
Dane County Regional Airport
(Milwaukee) General Mitchell International Airport
West Virginia
(Charleston) Yeager Airport
Cheyenne Regional Airport
Gillette-Campbell County Airport
Jackson Hole Airport
Riverton Regional Airport
Yellowstone Regional Airport
We have compiled the following list from airport websites as well as from an ABC News report.

Smoking areas in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International include:
Heinkein Bar & Grill Concourse A Food Court (2nd Floor)
Smoking Room between Concourse A, above the food court (2nd Floor)
Smoking Room between Gates B7 and B9
Smoking Room between Gates B22 and B24
Smoking Room between Gates C15 and C17A
Smoking Room between Gates C26 and C28
Sojourner’s Lounge between Gates D7 and D5
Smoking Room between Gates E8 and E10
Smoking Room between Gates E15 and E17
Smoking Room between Gates E28 and E30
Smoking Room between Gates T3 and T4
Smoking Room between Gates T12 and T13
In Cincinnati smoking is permitted in lounges located in ticketing areas in terminal 2 and 3 as well as concourse a near gate A-2, and on concourse B near the food court. The link to the bars and restaurants in the airport that once permitted smoking has been removed from the airport’s website.
Denver International is a non-smoking airport with the exception of four smoking lounges. The Aviator’s Club is located on the west side of Jeppesen Terminal. Level 6, in the atrium. Another smoking lounge, Mesa Verde, is on A Gates Mezzanine Level. The B Gates Aviator’s Club smoking lounge is on the mezzanine level, center core. The C Gates smoking lounge, Smokin’ Bear, is in the center core. You can also smoke outside the terminal, but not outside A, B, or C gates.
In Memphis smoking is only allowed inside the Blue Note Cafe.
At Washington Dulles International Airport, smoking is permitted in four smoking lounges beyond the main terminal, including two lounges in Concourse B, one in Concourse C and one in Concourse D. For hungry smokers, Max & Erma’s Restaurant, by Gate B72, delivers food to a few tables in the adjacent airport smoking lounge
At Salt Lake City International Airport there are five post-security smoking lounges.
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has seven smoking lounges.
Gulfport Biloxi International Airport and Greensboro’s Piedmont Triad International Airport also have smoking lounges.
Also check out what airlines prohibit e cigarettes.
Please let us know if we have missed any airports. Please share any other smoking spots at airports in the comment section below.


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